FRESH+™ EC-1500 Ethylene Scrubber

1500 CFM for coverage of up to 400,000 cu ft with 6-8 air changes per day as recommended by postharvest and HVAC-R experts.


Dimensions: 60"Lx25"Wx24"
Weight: 600 lbs


  • Constructed of Aluminum or 304 Stainless Steel
  • Prefilter (MERV8) and Organic Roughing Filter Protects Lamps and PCO Filters for Optimal Performance and Durability
  • 1500 CFM Fan, Axial-type with 1-100% speed control
  • Thirty-two (32) UV-C Lamps Destroy Mold & Microbial Contamination
    Long-lasting (rated for 2 years)
    Shatterproof (Teflon-coated)
  • High Dose & Efficiency


  • 120/220V, single phase, 50/60 hz, 30 A
  • Proprietary Long-lasting and Efficient Catalytic Filters for Adsorption and Oxidation of VOCs (including ethylene gas & odors)
  • Hard-wired Control Panel with Disconnect Switch, On/Off Switch, and Fan Speed Potentiometer
  • Ballast Panel with Hour Counter and Indicating Lights for UV Lamps
  • No Pellets, Ozone or Throw Away Media
  • Made in USA of high quality components for reliable and dependable 24/7 operation.

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When you purchase FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers, you will have peace of mind that your application was fully evaluated and attention is made to every detail in processing and shipment of your order. We are experts in PCO+UV technologies and we stand behind our products and capabilities. Questions? Call us anytime at (610) 892-9405.

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