In addition to FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers, Fresh Plus International now offers a full line of products and services for management of ethylene and food safety.

FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers

EC 300 hanging

FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers provide continuous protection from the harmful effects of ethylene gas, mold & microbial contamination. Models from 30-3,000 cfm for cost-effective coverage of any size cooler from the smallest walk-in to warehouses, distributions centers and production areas.

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Ethylene Monitoring & Detection Solutions

Ethylene Monitoring

FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers eliminates ethylene gas, mold & bacteria that accelerate decay and compromise food safety in produce cold storage and processing areas.

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Fresh Plus International offers a full line of products for management of ethylene and food safety throughout the cold chain.

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