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FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers combine two powerful technologies to break down ethylene gas, odors and VOC's down while simultaneously destroying mold and microbial contamination.

PCO reaction

UV-C light activates the photocatalyst on the surface of the filter, continuously creating hydroxyl radicals on the surface of the filters installed in the FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers. Ethylene, odors (all VOC's) are oxidized to minute amounts of CO2 and H2O. Simultaneously. the UV-C light destroys mold and microbial contamination.

PCO Techology

PCO Techology

The Process of Photocatalytic Oxidation or "PCO" is a natural process that creates "hydroxyl radicals" (OH) which have extremely high oxidation capability –even stronger than ozone or chlorine.

The hydroxyl radicals are continuously created on the surface of the patented filters installed in the FRESH+™ ethylene scrubbers. Ethylene gas, odors and other VOCs are oxidized to minute amounts of carbon dioxide and humidity.

UV Spectrum

UV-C Technology

UV-C is UVC refers to ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 200 – 280 nanometers (nm). Light in the UVC wavelength can be used for disinfecting water, sterilizing surfaces, destroying harmful micro-organisms in food products and in air.

UV-C destroys the DNA of mold and microbial contamination, rendering them unable to replicate. It is very effective for all foodborne pathogens. Unlike other methods of disinfection, there is no chance of developed "resistance."

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