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Smart Ethylene Control Made Easy

FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers use the latest technology to reduce ethylene gas, mold and bacteria from produce cold storage areas. No pellets to change means less work and less expense over the long run. Keeps coolers cleaner, too!

Reducing ethylene reduces shrink and increases the value of fresh produce at its destination, but how can you get the most from your investment in ethylene control equipment and supplies? Often, FRESH+™ is the solution of choice to improve operations, saving time and money compared with other ethylene control measures:


Reducing ethylene in fresh produce storage areas is a proven way to reduce spoilage and waste. In addition to reducing costs and claims, there are substantial intangible benefits when your customers know they can count on you to deliver FRESH and SAFE produce every time.


Take a look at what the true costs of storing, monitoring, replacing and disposing spent pellets and you'll see why when you use FRESH+™ instead, the savings add up quickly. Plus the time and hassle you save by switching frees up your maintenance staff for more critical tasks. With FRESH+™, you get 24/7 protection from ethylene damage without the risk of failure by misjudging remaining life of spent pellets or missing a scheduled check. Coolers stay cleaner, too!


There's no safer solution than FRESH+™ because there is no exposure to chemicals or hazardous gases such as ozone, reducing safety risks in your facility. Please contact us for more information on how FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers can help you enhance your facility safety initiatives.


FRESH+™ Ethylene Scrubbers use advanced PCO+UV technology, harnessing a completely natural process to reduce ethylene, odors, mold & mibcrobial contamination without toxic chemicals or hazardous gases. Reduces energy consumption and equipment wear-and-tear.

FRESH+™ is recommended by postharvest experts for use throughout the cold chain for conventional and organic produce:

  • Grower/Shipper Onsite-Storage and Packing House
  • Fresh Cuts/Value-Added Processing/Production
  • Wholesale Produce Distribution
  • Import/Export
  • Military Food Supply
  • Retail, Food Service and Floral Distribution

With a wide variety of models available, our expert engineers can recommend the right system for any space from small coolers to large warehouses and production facilities.

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